How It Started

  It all started a few years back while camping at a music festival - Fozzy Fest 2017. Hands down one of the most beautiful, loving and magical events to experience. Being there can really make one realize how valuable time is and the ways we spend it. My friend Colin and I were walking through the vendors talking about life, work, and how not excited we were to leave the festival and be back at the 9-5 working life away, then BOOM! It hit me like a ton of bricks! "When I get home, I'm gonna buy a sewing machine and start making clothes. Maybe I can make a living, maybe not. Who really cares though cause I'll be happy doing it!"
Colin looked at me and replied, "Do it man!" Best support ever, thanks bro!
It wasn't long before we were packing up to header home...

Driving back, I couldn't stop thinking about learning how to sew, so the next day I bought a sewing machine, quit my day to day and started my new journey!

I found the love of my life Tara, not long after. She has stood beside me, encouraged me endlessly, and propelled me forward to building my dream: Sewing and designing clothing right here at home. Together, Cavell was born.

~Danny Doyle, Founder & Maker